Library Services

Circulation Services and Regulations

By using the loan card, the MPs can borrow up to 10 books per person for 4 weeks at the Hluttaw Library and the Reading Room. When the books are due, they can be renewed for 2 weeks twice.

The office staff can borrow up to 5 books per person for 2 weeks. When the books are due, they can be renewed for 2 weeks once.

Reference books, publications and documents restricted for parliamentary purposes can only be perused at the Library and the Reading Room.

Services are provided during the book-loan period from 10:00 to 15:30 hours when the Hluttaw is in recess apart from week-ends and gazette holidays.

e-Library Services

Services are provided to easily read the e-books collected at the Hluttaw Library through the use of Calibre Server. The address in use is Links can be reached by entering the IP address mentioned through the electronic devices used on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Chrome (in the Hluttaw Network only).

Electronic loan services are also provided: the borrower can borrow the books he or she wants to read by using the staff registration cards registered for loans at the loan counter in the Reading Room and the Library.

Inter-Library Loan Services

If one wishes to know the data and information that is not found at the library, it is borrowed or browsed by connecting to the libraries concerned with the data and information.

Reading Room Services and Reference Services

The Hluttaw Library is placed on the first floor of the Zabuthiri Building, and in order for the MPs, the Staff from various Hluttaw Offices and the Guests visiting the Hluttaw to easily read and borrow the books in the Hluttaw Library, the Reading Room, which can be used by approximately 60 readers, is placed in the vicinity of the Hluttaw Plenary Hall, where the Hluttaw sessions are held. 10 computers are installed to browse the information through the use of Wifi Access. Services are provided by displaying the new arrivals, daily-issued newspapers, weekly-issued journals and monthly-issued magazines.

In addition, the books are not allowed to take out of the library, and the Reading Room is used as a small reference room.

Such reference books as dictionaries, encyclopedias, guidebooks and books on other subjects are displayed there in the Reading Room.

Times to use the Library/Reading Room

- 8:30 to 16:00 hours (during the period when the Hluttaw is in session.)

-10:00 to 15:30 hours (during the period when the Hluttaw is in recess.)